We offer a variety of services to meet your needs including routine maintenance to parts replacement & repairs. Call Today (518) 312-7418 or email to: info@thelawnmowerguy.com

We strive to ensure your machine will be returned to you in safe, working condition. A properly serviced machine is friendly to the environment & avoids expensive repairs.

Tune-ups for push mowers include:
Oil changed
Spark plug replaced & gap corrected
Blade sharpened & balanced or replaced*
Carburetor flushed
Air filter cleaned or replaced*

Tune-ups for riding mowers & tractors include:
Oil changed & oil filter replaced*
Spark plugs replaced & gap corrected
Carburetor flushed
Air filter cleaned or replaced*
Fuel filter replaced* if needed

Tune-ups available on 4-cycle small engines including:
Go-carts & mini-bikes
Pressure washers
Garden tillers

* Items requiring replacement are replaced with factory Briggs & Stratton parts or after-market parts at the customer's discretion. All replacement parts add an additional charge to the cost of any tune-up.

Convenient pick-up and return of your machine may be available for an additional cost.


Here is a funny video from www.randomfoo.com about a lawnmower that has not had any maintenance done to it. Click on picture to watch.

Engine Maintenance

Avoid costly lawn mower or small engine repair easier with Lawnmower Guy's maintenance tips. I got these basic tips to take care of any small engine, along with a special section on Mower Basics and Safety right from www.briggsandstratton.com. And when you do need genuine Briggs & Stratton repair parts, we'll help you find the parts you need.

Regular lawn mower maintenance:

improves engine performance
reduces fuel consumption by up to 30%
reduces emissions by up to 50%.

According to the experts at Briggs & Stratton, a regular lawn mower or small engine tune up saves money and the environment!


The Lawnmower Guy has some helpful information how to understand the new way Briggs rates their motors for push mower. Horsepower is now replaced with Engine Series which then goes by torque. So to help you I got this information right www.briggsandstratton.com web page.

We have made it easier to select the right engine that best works for you. Our new Engine Series gives you the right mix of features and power to meet your needs and budget.

The higher the Series number, the greater the power level, features and performance to better suit your needs.

For more information on Series click on the following images to bring you to www.briggsandstratton.com small vertical engines utility engines

Torque: Defined as the twisting force that tends to cause rotation.

In the outdoor power equipment, torque is the most direct way to determine an engine's ability to get the job done.

More torque means improved performance, and the more torque you have, the better!