20150823-20150726-272653s.gifAir Cleaner Gasket
Part no. 272653S
Quantum Series (12 CID) with Primer

20150726-272235s.gifAir Filter
Part no. 272235S
3-3.75 HP Vertical Classic, Sprin & 4 HP Quattro

20150726-497725s.gifAir Filter
Part no. 497725S
Europa (9CID) OHV Vertical

20150726-491588s.gifAir Filter
Part no. 491588S
3.5-6.5 HP Quantum (10 CID) Engine

20150726-394018s.gifAir Filter
Part no. 394018S
L-Head Twin Horizontal & V-twin Vanguard

20150726-496894s.gifAir Filter
Part no. 496894S
12.5 - 15 HP Vertical

20150726-5083d.gifCarburetor Gasket w/Diaphragm
Part no. 5083D
Sprint & Qattro Engines

20150726-299061.gifCondensor Breaker Assembly
Part no. 299061
Sprint & Qattro Engines

20150726-398188.gifFloat Valve
Part no. 398188
All Max, Quantum, 5 & 6 HP Vertical and 3.5 & 5 HP Industrial Plus

20150726-492932s.gifOil Filter
Part no. 492932S

20150726-694395.gifPrimer Bulb
Part no. 694395
Selected Models (CID)

20150726-491055s.gifSpark Plug RC12YC
Part no. 491055S
Selected Models

20150726-496018s.gifSpark Plug RC14YC
Part no. 496018S
Selected Models

20150726-802592s.gifSpark Plug RJ19LM
Part no. 802592S
Selected Models

Briggs & Stratton 30w oil
Part no.
Selected Models

The Lawnmower Guy proudly offers after market parts from the finest brand names in parts.
We also offer a wide selection of used parts for push mowers:
- Engines
- Decks
- Handle bars
- Safety controls
- Blades
- Wheels
- Carburetors
- Air cleaner housings
- Throttle controls

For Briggs & Stratton Parts Look-up:
Go to http://www.briggsandstratton.com/ or click on the Briggs logo at the top of each page.
- click then on maintenance and Repair
- That will open up a list, then click on Manuals, Parts, &Wiring Diagrams
- Then at the top of the page under Illustrated Parts, click on Engines
- Type in your Model and Type #
- Click on download PDF
- Look through the illustrated parts locate your REF# then
- Keep scrolling down to find were your REF# is, and the Part # will be right there
- Contact The Lawnmower Guy to order your part
And for help finding your model # pleaese watch Briggs & Stratton video.

Payment in full is required before parts are ordered including but not limited to cost of part, tax, and any shipping costs that may be incurred.
Contact Lawnmower Guy for all your small engine needs.